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Comments about WRITING A REVIEW

How many times have you gone online to write a positive review - without someone asking you to do so?   NOT MANY.

Bad reviews are another story. One lady wrote 72 bad reviews on 72 places - no one can make her happy. Take that one with a grain of salt. If there is a bad review once or twice a year on a business, that is not bad, even without any good reviews, especially in the wedding industry. Most people will not spend time posting a positive review, but will make the time to post a negative review. Keep in mind that it may be a competitor posting the review, it could be one little mistake greatly over exaggerated, it could be the customer did not follow instructions or read their contract, the customer felt they were over-charged, the customer did not have the knowledge to fully evaluate the issue - IN OTHER WORDS, one bad review is not a bad thing. Never having a bad review from a National chain store can be WORSE because there are companies out there that are in the business to delete BAD Reviews. If you see the SAME COMPLAINT over and over again, it is probably a legitimate complaint. Some overseas companies change their name because they get so many bad reviews. So now you learned not to deal with companies not in the USA because they do not have to obey U.S. law. Ask the business about the issue, but NOT  about the customer. Contact the BBB or GOOGLE the company name followed by the word COMPLAINTS. One company had over 10,000 complaints and people still ordered from them - stupid.  I hope this article helps.